For John E. Hensel, sales, leadership and entrepreneurship are more than just talents, it is his way of life. Since earning his degree in Business Management, with an emphasis in Sales and Entrepreneurship at Southeast Missouri State University, where he served as their Student Body President and Sigma Chi Fraternity's President, Hensel has been driven by his character, personal mission and determination to achieve his unique, powerful potential.

A prominent sales and business development entrepreneur, human performance technologist, sales and leadership trainer, motivational and keynote speaker, performance coach and writer, he began his career as a sales consultant and trainer with Dale Carnegie Training, reining as one of their top 2% producers. Several years later he began a career in the medical sales arena, representing such Fortune 500 medical companies as Johnson & Johnson and Lanier Healthcare, earning top honors in his first year. His expertise was continually put to the test, performing turnaround sales strategies within 8 compromised territories, ultimately exceeding performance and customer satisfaction metrics. His celebrated turnaround approach was even published in Personal Selling Power magazine.

John continues his commitment to achieve his unique potential by creating and becoming Founder and President/CEO of Hensel Global, concentrating his expertise in the areas of sales, sales management, emotional intelligence, behavioral styles and leadership training. His own creation, YOU, Inc. uniquely and powerfully focuses on personal leadership, character building, performance perfection and lifestyle goal achievement. John also has expertise as a motivational and keynote speaker, performance coach and a writer of sales and motivational articles and books. He has recently expanded the enterprise to provide his clients with an assessments powerhouse and a proven turnaround system for performance-challenged companies. His tenacious dedication to the company's vision of maximizing Human Performance and Business Results has built his reputation with clients as a character and integrity-centered partner that consistently exceeds performance metrics, top-line revenue growth and ROI.

John is the published author of the acclaimed book, YOU, Inc., The Most Important Enterprise in the Twenty-First Century, which achieved the coveted Editors Choice award. He is also a contributing writer for Personal Selling Power magazine.


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