Performance Perfection: This means the Owner, Strategists, Drivers, Pit Crew, Garage Crew and all others on the Team strive to use their Training, Skills, Tenacity & Confidence to achieve Extraordinary Performance…everyone working together in unison to collectively reach Ultimate Team Goals:  winning races, especially the Indy 500…and winning the Championship.

Based on my 35+ years of experience in Human Performance Training & Coaching, an award-winning book, YOU, Inc. introducing Performance Perfection and being a competitive athlete, I have designed the most leading-edge, powerful mixture of exclusive Human Performance technologies, tools, techniques and strategies, fully customized to support and cohesively blend with your Team's current Performance Strategies, a pioneering approach in IndyCar Racing to achieve Performance Perfection!

I will personally train and coach your entire Team and Drivers, once the training has been fully customized, to maximize and support your Team’s primary goals and strategies.  The Technologies, Tools, Techniques and Strategies will supercharge your Team to produce Ultimate Human Horsepower:

  • Gain powerful knowledge of their specific communication style, competitive behaviors and motivators, with the insight to understand how these factors enable and disable individual and Team Performance

  • Learn how to use communication and behavior in ways that produce effective teamwork, focus and motivation, building a Team that consistently works cohesively together during competitive and highly charged moments and situations

  • Facilitate Team relationships through effective teamwork, communication, motivation and behavioral management among all team-members, which stabilizes functions within the Team, maximizing Team Performance and Results

  • Strengthen each Pit Crew member's ability to function with laser-beam focus, lightning speed and fluidity during pit-stops

  • Coach each Driver, formulating very precise, personal strategies, tools and visualization techniques, designed specifically for each Driver to remain mentally positive, sharp and laser-beam focused, while enabling swift and effective judgment throughout the emotional "roller-coaster" moments during a race, minimizing frustration, driving errors and negative emotional states

  • Enhance the Owner and Strategist's mindset towards Ultimate Possibility Thinking and their ability to Imagineer and communicate their Vision with powerful and inspiring conviction to the Team and Media

This Performance Perfection Strategy is your "Secret Weapon" that will supercharge the Human Horsepower necessary to consistently take your Team to the Winner's Circle!


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