Hensel Global Training expertise is specialized in the areas of Sales, Sales Management, Director, C-Level and Political Leadership, developing custom performance strategies for Teams and Individuals. Our great strength is that our training is carefully tailored, based on initial skill-gap assessments we perform on-site with your Target Teams and Leaders.

Once we understand the Key Performance Indicators and Major Skill Gaps, we will then propose a Custom Training and follow-up Coaching solution, including built-in Metrics and guaranteed ROI. This approach drives Skill Development, Skill Adoption and sustainable Performance Improvement to build top-line Revenue Growth and achieve Individual Objectives. We are so confident about exceeding results that we guarantee the achievement of agreed upon ROI objectives.


Our Primary Customized and Scalable Training Technologies:

Sales Team Effectiveness
  • World-Class, Cutting-Edge Strategic Sales Training and Key Account Planning Modules

  • DiSC Relationship Effectiveness Modules for Pro Salespeople that is fully customized to link directly with your current Selling System

Sales Management Leadership
  • Leadership-based Sales Management Development Modules

  • DiSC Relationship and Coaching Effectiveness Modules for Sales Managers to maximize results through their Sales Team

Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence-based Leadership Training Modules for Director & C-Level Executives, Political Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

  • YOU, Inc. Personal Performance Training and Leadership Development Modules to achieve individual Personal and Professional Goals

  • YOU, Inc. Personal Performance and Leadership Suite of Products, ranging from the Book, Audio-Book and DVD, containing highly interactive, self-taught Personal Performance and Leadership Training modules


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